So I went to my first “Paint Night” this week. Totally awesome! I had to confess to a friend how I actually became interested in painting.  I’d thought I’d share with you all too.

It all started with a book of course….I was reading  The Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine. The main character was a painter. I needed another outlet and why not painting?  Pixie surely made it sound super awesome. So, after I finished reading the book I did some research then made my way to the nearest Hobby Lobby to buy painting tools. I absolutely suck at it but it’s fun and this paint night made a step in the right direction I think? If not, I at least saw my friends’ mad painting skills so I can make them teach me 🙂

Anyways, I feel like a total dork but hey, what can I do? #bookdragon 😉


Thought I’d give it a try, Daily Prompt:  Symptom here it goes:

We laughed. We cuddled. I softened deep into his embrace. His smell…My God his smell. It was an ecstasy. When we were together I felt whole. I felt like I belonged.

I smiled. We talked. I shared my darkest secrets. He was still there.  He still loved me.

I dreamed. They were big too.  The clouds spread all around me. The words easily fell on paper. I was successful.

I awakened. To a nightmare. Red on all the walls. Tears and mascara on my face. Chaos around me. Men and women in white surrounding me.

I screamed. I told them to take me back, to him. To my life. It would fade if I didn’t get back.

They placed an IV. A liquid entered my veins. My euphoria dissipated.

I cried. Reality returned. It was all imagined they said. A symptom.


And I realized….

Two life defining moments for me:

1.One of my friends bought me a Lord of the Rings scarf for Christmas. I was thrilled!

2. I joined a book group on facebook and had the balls to post to it!  It was about The Chemist which I’m not to happy with (different storry for a different post). The point: I had an intriguing conversation with a complete stranger!!

The fact these small things in life excited me so much made me realize I’m a complete dork! It’s official, I’m a dork 🙂 But I’m getting older so I’m starting to just roll with it more!


If you want a bookworm to cook….get her a cookbook! My mom bought  me one and I’ve actually enjoyed picking recipes and cooking. My friends all know how big a feat this is…but sshh don’t tell anyone my secret. I still like getting free meals 😉

2017:Intellectual Growth and Reading Expansion

​According to Neil deGrasse Tyson, these are the 8 essentials that every intelligent person should read. These books were my Christmas gift.

I’ve been getting my 2017 reading challenge list together. I want to expand my reading culture 🙃. Meaning try new things, learn new things, read different perspectives, so on and so forth. Looks like I’ll be adding these to my list! Geez, its going to be a long list!  Coming soon! I think I might add a writing challenge too!! Avid readers tend to be great writers….or so they say 😕….I guess we’ll see about that….