Everything, Everything

Spoiler Alert:

Everything is not as it seems

Like what I did there? 😉 Insider for those who have already read the book or it least flipped through it’s pages. Well written with a small twist. Unrealistic? Most likely. I am a cynic when it comes to love, so maybe I’m wrong. I’m also a sap: I like the chance to escape and think that love comes easy and trips to Hawaii by 18 year old runaways are possible. Very simple, quick read. I like the formatting of the book.  The layout reminded me of  Night Film by Marisha Pessl. As you may have seen me state before, I hate writing reviews. Mostly because I feel like I’m rambling when I write them. I’m sure I’ll find some creative way to dish them out. Just work with me in the meantime.


Books and Wine

My #squadgoals? Start a book club. Check! Add wine and snacks. Check! Our first book: The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins.

My Summary: A brutal God and his 12 children who despise him.  The brutal God aka “father” goes missing.  Despite their despise, the children try to solve the mystery and gain power along the way.

Book groups opinion: Well, we spent most of the time with a question mark over our heads.  It is well written, grotesque, and completely mind-blogging. You are on the edge of your seat until the finish.


  • Humanity: And we always come back to the evil that has spread since Adam and Eve set foot on this planet. Are we selfish or compassionate? Do we act on our primal instincts or do we use our brains and our hearts to make decisions? Should a heart be important? What defines our humanity? How do we gain or lose it?
  • The heart coal (yep, you’ll have to read for more info) .
  • Power: Gods are involved, its expected. But what measure do we take to gain it? Where does our humanity help or hurt us?

Great book. Nice helping of blood and guts, which traumatized one of my friends.  I grew up reading Dean Koontz, who is not necessarily grotesque but more on the dark side of things. This book was totally my style….I guess I did pick the book 😉  But in all honestly I just found it as a suggestion from Amazon as a book club pick. Therefore not totally my fault.

Has anyone read this book? Thoughts? What do you desire in a book club?






Thought I’d give it a try, Daily Prompt:  Symptom here it goes:

We laughed. We cuddled. I softened deep into his embrace. His smell…My God his smell. It was an ecstasy. When we were together I felt whole. I felt like I belonged.

I smiled. We talked. I shared my darkest secrets. He was still there.  He still loved me.

I dreamed. They were big too.  The clouds spread all around me. The words easily fell on paper. I was successful.

I awakened. To a nightmare. Red on all the walls. Tears and mascara on my face. Chaos around me. Men and women in white surrounding me.

I screamed. I told them to take me back, to him. To my life. It would fade if I didn’t get back.

They placed an IV. A liquid entered my veins. My euphoria dissipated.

I cried. Reality returned. It was all imagined they said. A symptom.


And I realized….

Two life defining moments for me:

1.One of my friends bought me a Lord of the Rings scarf for Christmas. I was thrilled!

2. I joined a book group on facebook and had the balls to post to it!  It was about The Chemist which I’m not to happy with (different storry for a different post). The point: I had an intriguing conversation with a complete stranger!!

The fact these small things in life excited me so much made me realize I’m a complete dork! It’s official, I’m a dork 🙂 But I’m getting older so I’m starting to just roll with it more!


If you want a bookworm to cook….get her a cookbook! My mom bought  me one and I’ve actually enjoyed picking recipes and cooking. My friends all know how big a feat this is…but sshh don’t tell anyone my secret. I still like getting free meals 😉