As per my usual procrastinating on assignments with Facebook (don’t judge me), I came across a book ad.  Yet another James Patterson book with a collaborator. Does he really write them or does the other author write them and he gives his stamp of approval? Hmmm… He comes out with maybe 20 books a year (I’m probably exaggerating), there is no way he’s writing all these books. Or is he? How the heck should I know?! Just a thought….. And another way to procrastinate ;).

What do you think?



I am currently studying for the second part of a long road of medical licensing exams *sigh* I am a part of a book group on Facebook. Everyone posts what books they’re reading, funny book memes etc etc. Basically it’s a group to show their love for coffee and books :). I must admit it has me down lately. I am still reading? Absolutely. Am I able to go to a coffee shop and have dessert and relax, curled up with a book? Absolutely not.  I confess, it makes me sad 😦 . One of the hardest things about being in medical school is watching everyone else’s life happen while yours is on hold. Still love the book group though! And I wouldn’t change anything in my life. I LOVE medical school, it’s just been a rough day 😉

The Dark Winter is knocking at my door….

This week has been slow,dull ,and full of studying :/ #medschoollife but fortunately productive!

I’m really into classical music especially contemporary classical and movie scores: I discovered Olafur Arnalds….simply amazing,  Now I Am Winter is my fav (and it’s title reminds me of Game of Thrones 🙂 )

The Night Film by Marrisha Pessl is my book of choice this week, I’ve put Army of the Goddess on hold for now ;). I have been reading since my mother put a book in my hand as a toddler (seriously) and have always  had somewhat of an eclectic taste in books or at least read books that were a little more sophisticated in writing style (or maybe just more thought provoking).  Lately, I’ve noticed I’ve been reading crazy love drunk teen fantasy novels :/. Nothing wrong with it of course but it’s time for something different.I need to let that Disney Princess attitude go for awhile lol… I need to feel like an adult (still don’t want “to adult” lol). Thus Night Film is on my list. I snagged the hardcover from Barnes and Noble for $6, thanks to their bargain books :). We’ll see how this goes? Pessl is an excellent writer (so far). When I read it, it gives me the good book chill…you know, like the close my eyes, sip tea and transport myself kind of feel. The nostalgic feel I get that reminds me curling up with a book on rainy days as a child. “The Feel”, words just don’t do it justice. (And its more of a enjoy the ride and let it simmer book not a I need to devour it into pieces right now book, so I can focus on studying!)

Anyways, for now I’ll be a studying reader of la noche en el invierno  😉 .