Everything, Everything

Spoiler Alert:

Everything is not as it seems

Like what I did there? 😉 Insider for those who have already read the book or it least flipped through it’s pages. Well written with a small twist. Unrealistic? Most likely. I am a cynic when it comes to love, so maybe I’m wrong. I’m also a sap: I like the chance to escape and think that love comes easy and trips to Hawaii by 18 year old runaways are possible. Very simple, quick read. I like the formatting of the book.  The layout reminded me of  Night Film by Marisha Pessl. As you may have seen me state before, I hate writing reviews. Mostly because I feel like I’m rambling when I write them. I’m sure I’ll find some creative way to dish them out. Just work with me in the meantime.


Book Club Shenanigans

And our next book is…..


I honestly don’t know how I feel about this one. It seems more along the terms of nonfiction/memoir/reporting -fiction type from the description. I’m a fiction buff who likes to escape reality. Basically, I’m into scif-fi, fantasy, and mysteries with a touch of romance.  I heard this book is a classic though. And I guess the point of a book club is to expand your horizons. So we’ll see!  Our goal for the first meeting is to read the first 99 pages, if we discuss anything interesting I’ll post about it!  If not, I’ll probably post what we hate about it 😉


I am currently studying for the second part of a long road of medical licensing exams *sigh* I am a part of a book group on Facebook. Everyone posts what books they’re reading, funny book memes etc etc. Basically it’s a group to show their love for coffee and books :). I must admit it has me down lately. I am still reading? Absolutely. Am I able to go to a coffee shop and have dessert and relax, curled up with a book? Absolutely not.  I confess, it makes me sad 😦 . One of the hardest things about being in medical school is watching everyone else’s life happen while yours is on hold. Still love the book group though! And I wouldn’t change anything in my life. I LOVE medical school, it’s just been a rough day 😉

Writing in the Air

Summer is here. I am less busy with clinicals more busy with studying for the next set of boards (standardized tests suck). In order to stay at least somewhat sane I’ve upped my reading game (and movie watching). It has inspired me to write. I feel words on my tongue. I feel a story in my heart. I just have no idea what to write about.

Confession: Reading and watching movies= escapism for me. It’s the one time in my life where I am not here in the boring realm of reality. I am not miserable studying (standardized tests suck). I am not my crazy, neurotic, calculating, self-critical, type-A self. I am just in the moment.

Lately, even the movies and the books (minus the In-Death Series) haven’t been hitting the escapism spot. I am constantly changing the show’s or the book’s story. I come up with different scenarios, write different characters in, b**** about how they shouldn’t have done that. Cry when a character of mine is mistreated (apparently I’m a little over-sensitive, it’s the empath ok?!).  The point: no-one is channeling my emotions the way I want them. Solution: I should write my own d*** stuff lol.  If only I could put my thoughts and feelings into words.

To my writers: What’s your process? How do you bring your story to life?

My readers/watchers: Ever felt like the author just didn’t get the story write? Are you super-emo, empathic to your story-line?


I’m a part of a book group on Facebook. I love it! It makes my book fetish feel so much more…..normal! However, it also feeds my book buying addiction. I have since learned that Dollar Tree has books and there is a website called Thriftbooks.  I have been trying to fight the urge to go to both. My bank account is begging me not too. So I sit here scratching like the book addict I am, wondering how long it is going to take before I cave.   Say a small prayer for me 😉



The Dark Winter is knocking at my door….

This week has been slow,dull ,and full of studying :/ #medschoollife but fortunately productive!

I’m really into classical music especially contemporary classical and movie scores: I discovered Olafur Arnalds….simply amazing,  Now I Am Winter is my fav (and it’s title reminds me of Game of Thrones 🙂 )

The Night Film by Marrisha Pessl is my book of choice this week, I’ve put Army of the Goddess on hold for now ;). I have been reading since my mother put a book in my hand as a toddler (seriously) and have always  had somewhat of an eclectic taste in books or at least read books that were a little more sophisticated in writing style (or maybe just more thought provoking).  Lately, I’ve noticed I’ve been reading crazy love drunk teen fantasy novels :/. Nothing wrong with it of course but it’s time for something different.I need to let that Disney Princess attitude go for awhile lol… I need to feel like an adult (still don’t want “to adult” lol). Thus Night Film is on my list. I snagged the hardcover from Barnes and Noble for $6, thanks to their bargain books :). We’ll see how this goes? Pessl is an excellent writer (so far). When I read it, it gives me the good book chill…you know, like the close my eyes, sip tea and transport myself kind of feel. The nostalgic feel I get that reminds me curling up with a book on rainy days as a child. “The Feel”, words just don’t do it justice. (And its more of a enjoy the ride and let it simmer book not a I need to devour it into pieces right now book, so I can focus on studying!)

Anyways, for now I’ll be a studying reader of la noche en el invierno  😉 .

Are you guilty?

I must admit I’m #3: I never know what I want when I walk in the bookstore. I wait for the books to call me, or visually entice me. Are you guilty of any of these? Have you worked in bookstore and felt the same as the blogger?

Comment below!

15 Confessions of a Bookshop Employee