I’m a part of a book group on Facebook. I love it! It makes my book fetish feel so much more…..normal! However, it also feeds my book buying addiction. I have since learned that Dollar Tree has books and there is a website called Thriftbooks.  I have been trying to fight the urge to go to both. My bank account is begging me not too. So I sit here scratching like the book addict I am, wondering how long it is going to take before I cave.   Say a small prayer for me 😉



The Dark Winter is knocking at my door….

This week has been slow,dull ,and full of studying :/ #medschoollife but fortunately productive!

I’m really into classical music especially contemporary classical and movie scores: I discovered Olafur Arnalds….simply amazing,  Now I Am Winter is my fav (and it’s title reminds me of Game of Thrones 🙂 )

The Night Film by Marrisha Pessl is my book of choice this week, I’ve put Army of the Goddess on hold for now ;). I have been reading since my mother put a book in my hand as a toddler (seriously) and have always  had somewhat of an eclectic taste in books or at least read books that were a little more sophisticated in writing style (or maybe just more thought provoking).  Lately, I’ve noticed I’ve been reading crazy love drunk teen fantasy novels :/. Nothing wrong with it of course but it’s time for something different.I need to let that Disney Princess attitude go for awhile lol… I need to feel like an adult (still don’t want “to adult” lol). Thus Night Film is on my list. I snagged the hardcover from Barnes and Noble for $6, thanks to their bargain books :). We’ll see how this goes? Pessl is an excellent writer (so far). When I read it, it gives me the good book chill…you know, like the close my eyes, sip tea and transport myself kind of feel. The nostalgic feel I get that reminds me curling up with a book on rainy days as a child. “The Feel”, words just don’t do it justice. (And its more of a enjoy the ride and let it simmer book not a I need to devour it into pieces right now book, so I can focus on studying!)

Anyways, for now I’ll be a studying reader of la noche en el invierno  😉 .

Are you guilty?

I must admit I’m #3: I never know what I want when I walk in the bookstore. I wait for the books to call me, or visually entice me. Are you guilty of any of these? Have you worked in bookstore and felt the same as the blogger?

Comment below!

15 Confessions of a Bookshop Employee





Calling and Receiving the Heart

Two for one special:

Call of the Vampire and Heart of the Vampire ~The Vanderlind Castle Series (1,2) By Gayla Twist

Here you have a sweet little teeny bopper love story of Aurora Keys and Vamp Jessie Vanderlind. Jessie meets Aurora when she sneaks in a secret vampire party with her friend. Low and behold she runs into Jessie Vanderlind and he recognizes her  but thinks she’s her great-grandmother’s aunt. They both feel a connection: Reincarnation maybe?  A love story begins….I rated both of these book a 3 of 5 (yikes!), since I feel bad about such a low rating (I’m always a 4 and upper lol), I’ll give it a 3.5. It’s a good book and an easy read. I’m sure any teenager would but delighted to devour it. I however have surpassed the teen stage: I thought it was just too simple. The writing didn’t wow me. The plot wasn’t unique, it was your typical vamp story. With that said, I did keep the desire to read two of the series and I will most likely read the 4th in the series as I looked ahead to make  sure the storyline headed in the right direction ;). So the author did something right. They are good books, it just not the OMG I LOVE AND LIVE THIS BOOK type.

By the way…. I’m declining the 3rd book because it’s a blast to the past (Jessie and Great Aunt) and I really don’t care too much about it.

In the meantime, I’m going to try to get away from the YA section and be an adult for once ;). Call of the Goddess is next on the list….which is definitely feeling like my type of book.

What’s your favorite vamp book? Have you read this series?!! Comment below!!!



The Fault in Our Stars

Fault in Our Stars


Imagine a fairy tale love…..a dream come true…..happy endings. Now put those images in a big trash can and light it on fire ( a mental fire geez). There are no fairytales here, no happily ever afters. This book talks about the imperfections of life, human nature and the universe. What is it like to live with cancer? How can you cope when you are a “grenade”. All that is here. I remember reading reviews before I decided to purchase this book and the word bittersweet popped up. I believe that word describes this book perfectly. The Fault in Our Stars is a coming of age story that teaches you to cherish life: Literally life itself and the little things  we tend forget about, such as seeing, or being able to run around. It also shows even if you lose some of those qualities you can still live a full happy life.  It’s a story of love, pain, friendship and growth. I read the ending a few times…..It’s pretty emotional 😉 (The characters became apart of me so it took me awhile to let it go) But 5 stars for me!


*Disclaimer: I have not had cancer nor had anyone close to me with cancer so I can only express how I felt when I read this. Therefore the more experienced may have a different perspective *