Favorite Authors Anyone?

Books, my GOD why can’t they be reality? Or better yet why can’t I just stay dreaming? *Le sigh* I guess that is another dilemma for another day. Instead of moping about, I need to acknowledge the people making these books. They are the real MVPs. They make my utterly boring life, exciting. They give me the magic I always wanted and hope for the future. But who are my favorite authors? *Drum roll*

Laura Thalassa and JD Robb

JD Robb helped me get through high school with her In Death Series. The camaraderie, the love, the mystery, the bad assness of her characters especially Eve. I read these books anytime I need to feel home.  (And this is one time I am glad I am behind in the series, she has over 30 books now and I have ton to keep returning to when I need it, if she ever stops writing these I literally do not know what I am going to do when I get to the end)

Laura Thalassa is a newer author but Dios Mio, her fantasy, her heroines, her ability to make me lose sleep, the bad assness of her characters (hmm theme going here?). I have devoured all the series  she has brought to fruition.

Just what I need. Thank you ladies, for making characters and plots I can not only relate to but for also giving me an escape from this world.

And btw just finished Laura Thalassa’s last book to her Bargainer Series…. absolutely amazing. So sad it’s over. Can’t wait to see what she does next. Curious about here book?

Here it is:


“Until darkness dies” 😉  *Read Laura’s Bargainer’s series and you will understand. 😉 *

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