So I went to my first “Paint Night” this week. Totally awesome! I had to confess to a friend how I actually became interested in painting.  I’d thought I’d share with you all too.

It all started with a book of course….I was reading  The Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine. The main character was a painter. I needed another outlet and why not painting?  Pixie surely made it sound super awesome. So, after I finished reading the book I did some research then made my way to the nearest Hobby Lobby to buy painting tools. I absolutely suck at it but it’s fun and this paint night made a step in the right direction I think? If not, I at least saw my friends’ mad painting skills so I can make them teach me 🙂

Anyways, I feel like a total dork but hey, what can I do? #bookdragon 😉


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