Something New…..

Ok guys. A while back I told you I wasn’t a fan of book reviews. Still not 😉 However, I want to share my reading adventures with you! So instead, I’ll “review” a book by sharing of few words on how it made me feel. I don’t remember details about books, sometimes I forget the plot. I’ve NEVER forgotten how a book made me feel. Sometimes, I even associate memories and music with books. For instance, I remember sitting in my bedroom listening to Harry Potter books on tape my mother bought me for Christmas. I remember how much I hated middle school and high school and books got me through those times. I remember listening to “Talking Body” by Tove Lo when I read Sustain by Tijan ;).  I remember how much I loved Night Circus. I remember the OMG factor when I read Hunger Games, a book I refused to read for the longest time. I remember. I love the feelings I get when I read. So I’ll share them and hopefully you share with me as well. 🙂

I’ll call this series…. “Cop a feel” LOL And if I think of something more sophisticated (or not) maybe I’ll change the name.

Post coming soon!



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