What about the Villain?

So I’ve been trying so hard to think of a Superhero response but my mind couldn’t get off the villain. I’m probably not following the rules here but this is where my creative juice is flowing. Work with me everyone this is my first Discover Challenge Post.

And I’m also status post watching Suicide Squad. If you’ve seen it, maybe you understand. If you don’t, I promise I’m only half as crazy as Harley Quinn πŸ˜‰

Here goes nothing….

I sat and stared at the walls for a long time. No one wanted to disturb me. Or maybe they just left me alone so I wouldn’t make them feel disturbed.  I waited. I waited and waited. The darkness started to envelope me. I welcomed it. He was there. He stared at those walls with me. Then he tore them down and looked me dead in my eyes. Those beautiful green eyes sparked. He set out his hand. I took it. Out of the asylum I went. Into the streets. I was his queen. He snapped their heads if they even looked at me wrong. I was his everything. He was my savior. They tried to take me away but he always came back. He always rescued me. He destroyed my enemies.  They told me to come back to the light. But I was already there. His warm embrace was all I needed.  His power kept me going. Was our relationship dysfunctional? Hell yes. So what? He was there at my worse. He accepted my inner crazy. I don’t want a “good guy” they only want you when your pin-up perfect. Give me the villain: He accepts everything dark about me. He loves the good too. He’ll be there no matter what. What will your superhero do?

I want the villain.

Give me the villain.

Or is he just the superhero in disguise?


Also recently  I talked about the villains I hated in books. Since my writing above is movie based here are my favorite movie (and book) villains. I think I have a thing for the bad boys       πŸ™‚

-Loki~ The Avengers.…….I don’t know why. I just LOVE Loki (and Tom Hiddleston too)

-The Joker ~Suicide Squad……He didn’t stop coming for Harley Quinn. Fav character in the movie hands down. (And yes I know the relationship is highly dysfunctional but its fiction)

-Lex Luthor~ Batman vs. Superman…..Heard the movie was pretty bad. I only watched some of it, I wasn’t prepared to watch a three hour movie. Jesse Eisenberg was my fav though πŸ˜‰

-Kyon Ensin ~The Kricket Series by Amy Bartol. I absolutely HATED the way she ended this trilogy but I fell in love with the villain everyone hated.

-Artemisia ~300: Rise of Empire....She was just bad a**.


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