I hate you…

So I was scrolling through fb and saw this as a Bookbub post! We all know at least one book character that made us feel this way! Here are some of mine:

-Dolores Umbridge ~Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix…..MY GOD!!! I honestly wanted to murder her when I read it. Its been years since I’ve read Harry Potter but I don’t think I will ever forget the sheer aggravation I experienced.

-Anna~ Girl on the Train…..Not sure why but I just couldn’t deal with her

-Brian~ Sleeping Alone….worst family member ever

-Levi~ Vampire Girl Series……The Prince of Envy, need I say more?

-Joffrey Bartheon~ GoT……does this really need an explanation? I think not.

-Aiden~ of Light and Darkness…..I loved him at first but I’m slowly growing to hate him (I’m still reading this)

I know there are more characters but its been a long day and I am EXHAUSTED! Maybe I’ll update it if I have more pop in my head when I’m coherent. 🙂

What characters do you hate?  or better yet….Which bad guys do you love? …..I think that will be my next post!!!!

Until then

~ Andi





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