Only right since its the title of my blog?  Ok. Ok. Its more of a #dorkmoment.

I’m a little crazy with my book reposts on fb. It’s pretty easy when Bookbub, Buzzed Books, I love reading, etc. pop up in your newsfeed. Just saying.

Anyways, back to my dork moment. A fb friend of mine tags me in a post via the comments section and says…”This makes me think of you”:


Might I add, we’re not extremely close friends lol. She’s great!! We just don’t talk that much, and when we do I’m not necessarily ousting myself as the book geek I am (or at least I don’t think I am :/.

Point: I think I’m a little crazy on my Facebook posts.

Even better part of the story?: The author that posted it, I’ve read a few of her books: Shannon Mayer~The Elemental Series

What are the odds?!

#bookdork #confessionsofabookaholic





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