Calling and Receiving the Heart

Two for one special:

Call of the Vampire and Heart of the Vampire ~The Vanderlind Castle Series (1,2) By Gayla Twist

Here you have a sweet little teeny bopper love story of Aurora Keys and Vamp Jessie Vanderlind. Jessie meets Aurora when she sneaks in a secret vampire party with her friend. Low and behold she runs into Jessie Vanderlind and he recognizes her  but thinks she’s her great-grandmother’s aunt. They both feel a connection: Reincarnation maybe?  A love story begins….I rated both of these book a 3 of 5 (yikes!), since I feel bad about such a low rating (I’m always a 4 and upper lol), I’ll give it a 3.5. It’s a good book and an easy read. I’m sure any teenager would but delighted to devour it. I however have surpassed the teen stage: I thought it was just too simple. The writing didn’t wow me. The plot wasn’t unique, it was your typical vamp story. With that said, I did keep the desire to read two of the series and I will most likely read the 4th in the series as I looked ahead to make  sure the storyline headed in the right direction ;). So the author did something right. They are good books, it just not the OMG I LOVE AND LIVE THIS BOOK type.

By the way…. I’m declining the 3rd book because it’s a blast to the past (Jessie and Great Aunt) and I really don’t care too much about it.

In the meantime, I’m going to try to get away from the YA section and be an adult for once ;). Call of the Goddess is next on the list….which is definitely feeling like my type of book.

What’s your favorite vamp book? Have you read this series?!! Comment below!!!




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