The Fault in Our Stars

Fault in Our Stars


Imagine a fairy tale love…..a dream come true…..happy endings. Now put those images in a big trash can and light it on fire ( a mental fire geez). There are no fairytales here, no happily ever afters. This book talks about the imperfections of life, human nature and the universe. What is it like to live with cancer? How can you cope when you are a “grenade”. All that is here. I remember reading reviews before I decided to purchase this book and the word bittersweet popped up. I believe that word describes this book perfectly. The Fault in Our Stars is a coming of age story that teaches you to cherish life: Literally life itself and the little things  we tend forget about, such as seeing, or being able to run around. It also shows even if you lose some of those qualities you can still live a full happy life.  It’s a story of love, pain, friendship and growth. I read the ending a few times…..It’s pretty emotional 😉 (The characters became apart of me so it took me awhile to let it go) But 5 stars for me!


*Disclaimer: I have not had cancer nor had anyone close to me with cancer so I can only express how I felt when I read this. Therefore the more experienced may have a different perspective *


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